Institute Management Application

Everyone loves convenience, and that is what institute management application is all about “CONVENIENCE”

Even though it may seem easy to others, but we at EDUTISEMENT know how difficult it is for you as a teacher to administer and manage your institute and to be in touch with the students and their parents, a part from obviously focusing on your core strength- TEACHING.

Institute Management Application is a step in the same direction - to ease the burden from your shoulder, so that you can focus more on students result and less on routine work, but there is more to it, apart from managing the routine task it double folds as an “educational app” for the students of your institute, which means your student can now watch your lectures, go through their notes, take online tests and prepare for exams from anywhere, anytime.

The app is specially designed for educational institutes carefully catering to all the needs of institute management, students, parents as well as teachers. The application is available on Android as well as on IOS platforms.

The Institute Management Application is more like your "personal work assistant", with the help of which you can accomplish a lot of your work, even if you are on a move. There are more than 23 features in the application and this numbers keeps on increasing with every input and feedback we receive.

“We at EDUTISEMENT are sure that this app will not only add value to your educational institution and standardize it by setting a benchmark but will also be of great help in managing your school. The herculean task of your teachers and management will be greatly reduced through this management app and the responsibility of keeping parents in loop is no more a task. Our students, parents and teachers love the app and we are sure you are also going to be in the same category. After all we have 96% client retention rate in the industry.

"We are committed to serve you the very best and nothing less.”